May 5, 2021: Carleen Lyden Walker, Co-Chairman of the Heroes at Sea Organizing Committee, announced the launch of the first Heroes at Sea tribute to mark the Day of the Seafarer. The program will run from May 25th-June 25th to commemorate the International Maritime Organization’s annual Day of the Seafarer event.
Heroes at Sea was created last year to raise awareness about the role of the mariner, and to pay tribute to seafarers around the world. Through walking, jogging, cycling and/or swimming, participants more than doubled the goal of “circumnavigating” the globe in solidarity with the mariners, raising nearly $50,000 that was distributed to seafarer welfare centers. The new initiative will focus attention on the current state of affairs with the crew change crisis and its impacts on mariners’ health and well-being.
“Mariners today are required to work beyond their contracts due to the challenges presented by COVID-19 in effecting crew changes,” stated Walker. “By participating in the Heroes at Sea Day of the Seafarer initiative, people from all elements of global society can join together to pay tribute to their efforts and let them know we value their service to global trade.”
“The ‘Heroes at Sea’ program is a tribute to the unsung heroes of the COVID-19 crisis who have continued their mission of delivering food, medical supplies, energy and goods without pause.” stated Captain Frederick Francis, Founder and Co-Chairman of the Heroes at Sea effort. In addition to funds raised through the physical activity, participants are also asked to write tributes to the mariners reinforcing society’s appreciation for the vital work they are doing.
COVID-19 has resulted in the majority of ships’ crew being required to stay on board vessels beyond their normal contracts, or unable to join their ships and, therefore, not able to provide for their families. As COVID-19 required the world to remain home, seafarers continued to risk their health and mental well-being so that shipping could continue as the engine of global trade.
As the challenges for seafarers remain, we continue to salute our Heroes at Sea with the iconic “Walk, Jog, Cycle and Swim”. The event will be from May 25th to June 25th in honor of the Day of the Seafarer. REGISTRATION is open, with all net fees and sponsorships going to both global and local mariner welfare programs.
“The month-long circumnavigation serves primarily as a tribute and reminder to our Heroes at Sea (seafarers) that their commitment and efforts are appreciated and not forgotten” observed Walker. “During the month of June, participants and corporate supporters may post messages, photos and videos of thanks and encouragement (on the dedicated microsite and relevant social media platforms) to lift the spirits of seafarers around the world and let them know that they are valued.”
To register as a participant for the “Heroes at Sea” program go to Registration | HEROES at Sea. For corporate level participation and sponsorship, there are Diamond (US$10,000 and above), Gold (US$5,000), Silver (US$2,500) and Bronze (US$1,000) levels. A Gratitude plaque, medal and certificate will be presented to sponsoring companies and all participants will each receive an e-Certificate. Your organization’s logo will be displayed on our dedicated website with your corporate message. Alternatively, companies may make a one-time donation of any amount. For more information on sponsorships, contact . To learn more about this initiative, go to Heroes at Sea- Day of the Seafarer Initiative

Photo: Carleen Lyden Walker, Co-Chairman Heroes at Sea