Dubai being the commercial hub of the Middle East and now in the past few years has excelled as a destination most sought after in the world for various activities inter alia, Shipping has been dominant in the region for decades. Most of the shipping companies operating in Dubai and the agents having the prime role in being the contractual party with all the relevant authorities for and on behalf of their Principal Shipping lines, it was imperative to have an association of the various shipping agencies in the region.
The Dubai Shipping Agent’s Association (DSAA) was established in 1999 with the main objective of promoting the joint interests of the shipping agents’ community in Dubai, and commenced operations in the millennial year 2000. A registered

Maritime City Authority, JAFZA, Immigration etc. for their unstinted support given to all our esteemed members. Continued involvement from our members adds strength and we all continue to stand together to set higher strengths during this pandemic.

Shipping being the oldest transport mode in trade has always had a fascination for me. The seagoing shipping agent with DSAA has its role to play in the overall development of the shipping industry in the region catering to the various needs of the member and the endeavours for solutions with the relevant authority as and when addressed.
The DSAA had planned for various activities to commemorate its successful 20 years in Dubai, however due to the pandemic which had gripped the world, had to postpone the activities till the situation stabilizes. Having seen tough terrains and rough waters during its journey, DSAA is sure that they would sail through as in the past.
Ms. Nayana Nandkumar – Manager of DSAA, has successfully completed 20 years with DSAA,under the able leadership of the President – Mr. Saadi

Captain and the multitude of problems he faces on daily basis, the courage of the seamen, the lively nature of the ports and stevedores at loading and unloading the different equipment used at various stages of sea transport and associated ones have always wanted me to live shipping. Since shipping is a major part of Logistic Hub in UAE’s economic

Al Rais of Rais Hassan Saadi Group, for a similar period, and with the suppor t of the various c o m m i t t e e m e m b e r s . She says - I’ve throughout the years endeavoured in the best of my capacity to get the ball rolling at every given opportunity to contribute to the shipping community in the region. DSAA has made a good contribution and ably supported the shipping community over the years, by working closely with all government entities and personally would like to thank the Govt. bodies like DPW, Dubai Customs, Dubai chamber, Dubai growth and females are integral part of every developed country, that’s why I found this challenging field a great one to be part of. There is not a single day that we don’t have a maritime problem to settle. Be it from the vessel operators, the agents, the cargo owners, the insurers and recently we have been dealing with the issues related to crew change too.