About Us


International Maritime Club

Conceived with the vision of uniting all aspects of the broad and dynamic maritime industry, the International Maritime Club has been working for the global maritime industry and oil & gas sector for the last 17 years.

IMC's primary mission is to foster continuous development, facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas, and promote the growth of maritime trade globally. The organization has been serving as a bridging force to bring together decision-makers, communities, organizations, and associations under a single platform. IMC provides numerous opportunities to its member associations to promote their events and activities through its social media channels. IMC also organizes various events to recognize and enhance the professional qualifications of its members by establishing partnerships with prestigious academic institutions and universities.

In 2014, to recognize and honor outstanding professionals in the maritime and oil & gas sectors, IMC organized its inaugural Golden Helm Awards. This event honored industry professionals for their exceptional contributions. Since then, the club has partnered with various industry events, further extending its reach and impact. The most recent awards event was the 2024 Honorary Doctorate Leadership Excellence Awards held at the Millennium Plaza Downtown Hotel, located in Dubai, UAE, on the 2nd of May, 2024.




To make interaction easy among the maritime community.


To promote the visions of each member of the club.


To pass on knowledge and ideas for the benefit of the industry.