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Report Highlights Pathways to Net-zero for North American Shipping

HOUSTON – November 11, 2022 – The Blue Sky Maritime Coalition (BSMC) has released a new report today focused on further supporting the North American shipping industry’s journey toward achieving net-zero GHG emissions by 2050. The report, a second in a series identifying the pathways and approaches to accelerate the transition to net-zero emissions, looks at the roles of vessel types, inventories and GHG accounting approaches.

“Developing recommendations to standardize accounting for GHG emissions within the North American shipping industry is essential in paving the way to net-zero emissions. Distributing this data and making it easily accessible is an important step in expanding the drive to adopt these new technologies and ideas,” said David Cummins, BSMC President and CEO.

The report highlights how decarbonizing shipping will require the utilization of multiple fuels and propulsion systems, even within a single vessel category. It revealed that emissions associated with North American shipping are not required to be reported under a standardized structure, so different approaches are emerging as voluntary reporting has continued to increase. The report also sets forth a more detailed assessment of the currently operating vessel categories, their operational constraints and emissions profiles, and the implications for decarbonizing the marine value chain by 2050.

“Although there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to future low- and zero-carbon marine fuels, flexibility and a range of fuels and propulsion systems could be appropriately adopted through advances in technology and regulatory incentives,” continued Cummins.

To read more, download a copy of the report by clicking here. For more information contact

“The Little Bulker” Children’s Tale a Big Hit Recently Launched Book a Maritime Best Seller

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November 14, 2022- New York, NY   In only two weeks, “The Little Bulker”, by Katerina Perganti Shaw, has become a maritime best seller.  Launched at the 15th Anniversary of the North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA), the book educates children about the maritime industry.  Ms. Shaw has generously donated half the proceeds from the book to NAMEPA to support its educational programs.

“The Little Bulker” chronicles the construction of a dry bulk carrier in Japan, accompanied by details on what the ship carries, its components, size, and launching.  Further, it is an “eco” ship, which is a critical feature in the effort to reduce Maritime’s impact on the environment.  There is also a QR code for readers to follow the voyages of a dry bulk ship named “Athena”, which is trading today.

“Katerina’s book is the ideal way to introduce children to the depth and breadth of our industry” observed Carleen Lyden Walker, Co-Founder and CEO of NAMEPA.  “With the holidays coming, “The Little Bulker” makes the perfect gift.  Companies are purchasing the book for their employees and customers to help spread the message about the value proposition of the maritime industry to the next generation.”

“I am delighted that my book is being so well received” said Ms. Shaw when informed it had become a maritime best seller.  “It was my privilege to tell the story of the ship as it was being built, so it felt like a personal tribute to the ship and to honor the maritime industry.” 

As the book is STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) enhanced, Ms. Shaw suggested that readers follow the voyages of a ship called M/V Athena to learn about geography, global trade, potential jobs and more.

To order copies of the book, go to The Little Bulker.

WISTA International and the Maritime SheEO officially announce an MoU in India

17 November, Mumbai India

WISTA International and the Maritime SheEO officially announced the start of the formal partnership between the two organizations at the Maritime SheEO Conference in Mumbai this week. Following a successful history of working together on multiple projects, the organizations signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at WISTA International Annual General Meeting on 26 October in Geneva, Switzerland.

The first activity under the new MoU is the second Maritime SheEO Leadership Accelerator Programme, which was announced at the conference in Mumbai, one of the biggest Maritime Diversity and Sustainability events attended by Ship Owners, Ship Managers, Technology Innovators, Liners and Ports, Supply Chain Experts and Education Institutes. At the conference entitled 'Changing Leadership Paradigms', 35 speakers delivered insightful and inspiring speeches in front of approximately 200 people from over 77 countries and more than 2,000 following the event online.

Sanjam Sahi Gupta, the founder of Maritime SheEO, founder of WISTA India and co-chair of the WISTA International Diversity Committee, declared: "It was a privilege that the first working together under the MoU looking at how we can increase and support leadership skills for women in maritime was at The Maritime SheEO conference. Especially as this year, the event had a particular emphasis on leadership. We can have our motivations to start our business. However, over time, these can change and sometimes it's important to take yourself back to your original motivation and help you learn from other leaders. The attendees found connections and great learning opportunities for women in so many diverse areas of maritime."

President of WISTA International, Elpi Petraki, stated: "It was a genuine pleasure to be invited to speak at the Maritime SheEO conference, an initiative which, like WISTA, is passionate about driving change. It is widely known that diversity drives results. Many maritime organizations have found that women in the workforce and even more so in positions of responsibility have contributed significantly to enhanced innovation, increased productivity and competitive advantage."


"If business leaders strive to offer equal opportunities to those with diverse cultural backgrounds, hiring without regard to gender, religion and nationality, we'll be best placed to tackle the industry's challenges related to sustainability, decarbonization and more. Collaboration is the key to bringing about real change and creating equal opportunities for all."

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WISTA Cyprus celebrates its 10 th anniversary and elects new Board of Directors

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At their Annual General Meeting, held on 23 rd November 2022, in Limassol, WISTA Cyprus has concluded a very
dynamic year, which marked the association’s 10 th anniversary. Since its incorporation in 2012, WISTA Cyprus has
been a key stakeholder in the Cypriot shipping sector, promoting inclusion and diversity in the industry and
providing its members with a professional networking and development platform.
The AGM was addressed by Shipping Deputy Minister, Mr. Vassilios Demetriades, who reaffirmed the Shipping
Deputy Ministry’s support of WISTA Cyprus’ vision. WISTA Cyprus President, Mrs Anna Vourgos, delivered the
President’s Report for 2022 which showcased the association’s commitment to continue providing opportunities
for its members but also to further enhance relations with other organisations and encourage knowledge sharing.

Tribute was paid to WISTA Cyprus’ founding members: Despina Panayiotou Theodosiou, Jane Melas, Martina
Meinders, Sonia Ajini, Viktoria Kostic-Nola, Yvonne Tsanos, Ioanna Kyriakou. Their vision, commitment, hard work
and dedication has allowed WISTA Cyprus to create solid foundations which future members may build on and take
WISTA Cyprus further ahead.
Further highlights of the AGM included the bestowment of special edition awards to the Shipping Deputy Ministry
and the Cyprus Shipping Chamber for their active support to WISTA Cyprus, since its inception, as well as to
Deloitte and INCE for their support of the association’s work and services provided to the association over the
Outgoing Board members Anna Vourgos (President), Koula Louca (Vice President) and Marilena Morphaki (Board
Member) were presented with gifts for their exceptional contributions to the board of WISTA Cyprus throughout
their term.

Following the AGM the new Board of Directors of WISTA CYPRUS for 2022-2023 is assembled follows:
PRESIDENT: Natalia Bury Loyal , Chief Governance Officer, Tototheo Maritime
VICE-PRESIDENT: Uta Steffen, Managing Director, Saltgate Shipmanagement (Cyprus) Ltd
SECRETARY GENERAL: Georgia Demetriou, Legal Counsel, OSM Maritime Group
TREASURER: Monica Potsou, HR Manager, P & O Maritime Logistics (Cyprus)
BOARD MEMBERS: Emanolia Kolias, Channel Director, Mintra

Maria Theodosiou, Managing Director, GP General Procurement Company Limited
Rafaella Yiangou, Business Development Manager, CMMI