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Leisure Marine Association - Middle East & North Africa Joins International Maritime Club

The International Maritime Club (IMC) welcomes its newest member, the Leisure Marine Association - Middle East & North Africa (LMA-MENA). The LMA-MENA, a significant advocate for the leisure marine community, represents the interests of the boating and yachting industry.

The primary objectives of the LMA-MENA include the promotion, protection, and advancement of its members and the leisure marine industry. The association aims to foster cooperation, education, and raise industry standards. It also facilitates the exchange of information among companies involved in the leisure marine industry.

As the voice of the leisure marine industry, the LMA-MENA will provide leadership on all significant matters. The association will work closely with governments, public authorities, and trade industries, advising and assisting them on issues of interest to the leisure marine industry.

In addition, the LMA-MENA will inform and advise the leisure marine industry about government policies, actions, and other matters affecting their interests. It will also provide a channel for exchanging knowledge, ideas, and experience dealing with the promotion of the leisure marine industry.

The LMA-MENA emphasizes safety, encouraging safety measures for watercraft and individuals involved in leisure boating. Its membership with the IMC reinforces the commitment to enhancing the leisure marine industry's growth and development.

International Maritime Club Expands with its New Member - Hong Kong Boating Industry Association

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The Hong Kong Boating Industry Association (Hong Kong BIA) has become a member of the International Maritime Club (IMC). The chair of the Hong Kong BIA, Mr. Lawrence Chow, has completed all necessary formalities for the membership.

The Hong Kong BIA is a trade association representing all sectors of the leisure marine sector in Hong Kong, a mature boating market with nearly 10,000 registered leisure marine vessels, along with thousands of unpowered leisure marine craft. The pleasure boat industry has seen significant growth in recent decades, encompassing services ranging from boat builders, brokers, yacht management, charterers and distributors, to chandlers, clubs, marinas, training organisations, sail-makers, technical and professional services and specialised media.

Joining the IMC, a unique venture of Marine BizTV that has served the maritime industry for over 16 years, marks an important step for the Hong Kong BIA. The IMC is a dynamic hub focusing on Maritime and Oil & Gas industries, dedicated to fostering collaboration, innovation, and sustainable growth. The membership will allow the Hong Kong BIA to further represent the multi-million dollar industry both in Hong Kong and overseas.

Industrial Rope Access Trade Association Joins International Maritime Club

The Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA), a leading player in the field of complex, challenging, and dangerous work-at-height tasks, has announced its entry into the International Maritime Club (IMC). The association's CEO, Dr. Sheila Kondaveeti, recently completed the registration formalities.

IRATA was established in the United Kingdom in the late 1980s as a response to the maintenance challenges in the offshore oil and gas industry. The association was born out of an initiative by several pioneering companies that started utilizing industrial rope access techniques to ensure a safe working environment in the industry.

Over the decades, IRATA has developed into a global standard for all industries requiring work-at-height solutions, not just the oil and gas sector. The association's core purpose is to promote and maintain high levels of safety, professionalism, and efficiency among businesses and individuals who specialize in rope access.

Joining the International Maritime Club, a platform uniting maritime professionals worldwide, marks a significant step for IRATA. It reflects the association's commitment to fostering international collaborations, pursuing excellence in safety standards, a
nd contributing to the broader maritime community's growth and development.

Details of upcoming joint activities and initiations will be announced in due course. Stay tuned for further updates regarding this exciting partnership.

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