About IMC

international maritime club

IMC - International Maritime Club

International Maritime Club (IMC) has been serving the maritime industry for over 10 years. The club works for the conscious and continuous development of the vast maritime industry by acting as a platform where professionals from various sectors of the maritime industry come together under one roof to exchange knowledge and ideas on the maritime trade and industry.
The membership of the club is limited to 365 drawn from the maritime community of

  • Decision Makers
  • Communities
  • Organizations
  • Associations

IMC - Objectives

  • To make interaction easy among the maritime community.
  • To promote the visions of each member of the club.
  • To pass on knowledge and ideas for the benefit of the industry.

IMI - International Maritime Institute

International Maritime Institute (IMI) is a collective forum of institutes from all over the world. Elite Maritime Institutes are an integral part of the maritime world. Institutes turn the novice into professional and thereon. This is a venture to bring all the premier institutes together for easy access The purpose of the exclusive forum is to form a complete record on Universities and schools on Merchant Marine, Naval and Coast Guard Military, Seafarers Training, Oceanographic schools and many more.

Our mode of convergence will be through interactive means of communication, to exchange knowledge, ideas, updates and general information on the maritime industry. The institutes featured will be easily accessible to all the students worldwide. In short, we aim to bring the whole maritime wisdom under one roof.