IMC Golden Shield Excellence Awards 2019 - UK Chapter is back again in London with its 2 nd Edition after a successful Award Ceremony conducted in 2017. Like its predecessor, this prestigious award ceremony will recognize organizations/individuals whose outstanding career achievements in Marine, Energy, Cargo, Oil & Gas and Offshore field has earned them national or international prominence. These contributions can encompass leadership, statutory, regulatory compliance, innovation, management & administration, trade & export services where the recipient must have demonstrated the highest level of professionalism, contributed towards the development of the Insurance Sector and served as a role model for current and future organizations.


Location: Old Library, Lloyd’s
Date : 13th Sept 2019 (Friday)
Time : 03:00 pm – 06:00 pm

Award Categories

  • Leading Syndicate- Marine Hull Award
  • Leading Syndicate- Energy Onshore Award
  • Leading Syndicate- Energy Offshore Award
  • Leading Syndicate- Marine Cargo Award
  • Leading Broker- Marine Hull Award
  • Leading Broker- Energy Onshore Award
  • Leading Broker- Energy Offshore Award
  • Leading Broker- Marine Cargo Award
  • Excellence In Claims Management Award
  • Leading P& I Club Award
  • Leading Fixed Premium Club Award
  • Professional Excellence Awards – Individuals
  • Rising Star -Individual
  • Best Media- Insurance
  • Best Association Insurance
  • Vessel Assurance Program Award
  • Classification society Award
  • Maritime Security Service Provider Award
  • Maritime Organization Award
  • Maritime Trade Association Award
  • Maritime Professional Society Award
  • Maritime Academics & Training Award
  • Professional body for commercial shipping Award
  • Professional Excellence Awards – Individuals
  • Rising Star -Individual
  • Best Maritime Law Firm
  • Leading Digital Communications Provider
  • Professional Trade Association- Offshore, Oil&Gas

Criteria for Nomination

  • Organizations/Individuals must have demonstrated commitment, vision, calculated risk- taking, capacity for growth and be an independent thinker in the face of uncertainty.
  • Organizations/Individuals must have demonstrated growth capabilities by building strategic alliances and surrounding itself with range of advisers/allies to ensure success for all.
  • Such Organizations/Individuals must have pioneered in taking new approach or technology and creating a culture of innovative thinking.
  • The Organizations/Individuals must poses personal integrity/influence coupled with the ability to communicate ideas. Organizations must have proven their management skills and a potential to influence others.
  • Organizations/Individuals must have made significant contributions as a pioneer in field of Marine, Energy, Cargo, Oil & Gas and Offshore sector.
  • Be recognized as a significant figure by the International Insurance/Marine/Energy/Cargo/ Oil & Gas/Offshore Community
  • Presented evidence of outstanding and distinguished activities.
  • Demonstrated ability to influence Insurance society and its institutions through principles, initiatives and a philosophy.
  • Must be nominated or seconded by a member of IMC.
  • Applications will be assessed by an independent judging panel comprising of members from International Maritime Club
Rules for Award Nominations
  • Nominations must be relevant to category and fit within the criteria defined by the judging panel.
  • A company, individuals or an organization can nominate other eligible nominees or submit self-nominations seconded by an IMC member in any of the mentioned award category
  • All entries will be acknowledged via email
  • Every nomination must be followed by a brief (300 word) document clearly describing is to why the recipient deserves to win
  • All nominations must be received on or before 31st JULY 2019.
  • Selected nominees shall be notified via call/email
  • Nominations received shall be thoroughly screened for determining its eligibility for consideration of awards
  • All decisions on and relating to Award selections will be made in the judges’ sole discretion
  • By agreeing to be a Nominee, you represent and warrant that the Work that is the subject of the Nomination: (a) does not violate or infringe any license, patent, copyright, trademark, privacy or publicity right of any person or entity and (b) is not defamatory, libellous, obscene, or otherwise illegal and you provide rights to IMC to publish your related works and photographs for the use of club
  • Any violation of the Program Rules will render the violator ineligible and may also void their Entry.
  • The Award panel reserves the right to move a nominee to another category if deemed more appropriate

Frequently Asked Questions