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IMO and WISTA International launch the Maritime SheEO Leadership Accelerator Programme 2022

March 8, 2022, London. The International Maritime Organization (IMO), in collaboration with the Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association (WISTA International) and Maritime SheEO, are delighted to announce the launch of the Maritime SheEO Leadership Accelerator Programme 2022.

The programme was launched on Tuesday March 8, 2022 during a live webinar focussing on “The Next Generation Of Women Leaders In Engine Rooms, Bridges and Board Rooms”. The webinar also marked the UN International Women’s Day 2022, which this year is being held under the banner of “Gender Equality Today For A Sustainable Tomorrow” and a key message to #BreakTheBias.

The Maritime SheEO Leadership Accelerator Programme launches at a time when the industry recognises that it needs more women leaders. It was specially curated and designed to provide management knowledge and skills to help women in the maritime industry move into leadership roles.

Mr Kitack Lim, Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization addressed the webinar and said that the maritime industry is working to transition to a more sustainable future. He acknowledged that diversity in leadership is good for business and that woman leaders are vital for the future of maritime.

The IMO has been working to facilitate gender equality in maritime since 1988 and is committed to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, including Goal 5 to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. The IMO gender and capacity-building programme is dedicated to helping achieve “Training-Visibility-Recognition” of women in maritime.

During his speech, Mr Lim also mentioned the 18th of May, when the IMO celebrates the inaugural International Day of Women in Maritime. The day will provide an annual platform to recognise women in the industry, promote the recruitment, retention and sustained employment of women in the maritime sector, raise the profile of women in maritime as well as to strengthen IMO’s commitment to gender equality and support work to address the current gender imbalance in maritime.

Despina Pan. Theodosiou, President, WISTA International welcomed the 2022 cohort, saying, “The women who will begin this programme represent our future. Some are already in roles of some authority and leadership, others aspiring to gain further recognition and position in their careers. They seek what any career-inspired individual at work seeks but often find they do not have the opportunities to do so. This course will help fill that gap. Our objective is that we should increasingly build up gender and diversity awareness, where leaders do not choose their workforce based on gender, colour or ethnicity, but on capability and being fit for the job.”

It is a recognised that in Maritime, as with other sectors, the higher one climbs, the fewer women leaders one sees in leadership positions. The Maritime SheEO Leadership Accelerator Programme was developed with the assistance of key industry experts working with IMO and WISTA. It will enable women to become part of an active and trustworthy network of female executives who support and inspire each other along their leadership journey.

Sanjam Gupta, Founder, Maritime SheEO commented on the launch, “Women leaders will bring skills, different perspectives, and innovative ideas that lead to better decision-making as a whole for the business. Especially for the younger generation, the power of role models cannot be overlooked. This important programme aims at helping women reach their untapped potential. We are delighted that the IMO is furthering their commitment by offering 30 global scholarships to women in the maritime industry to enable us to reach this goal. This project would not be possible without the collaboration and support of WISTA International. Together we can drive change”.

It is anticipated that this initial programme marks the start of a regular schedule which will be conducted in English, the universally accepted language in maritime. The Leadership Accelerator Programme includes self-study modules and project presentations by the participants, culminating in an online graduation. Places are available to members of IMO Women in Maritime Associations and National WISTA Associations. All 30 places in this first cohort are sponsored by IMO. This global initiative will also help to create visible role models and pave the way for more women to enter and aspire to apply for leadership and Board positions.

The webinar discussed the importance of the Maritime SheEO Leadership Accelerator Programme as a springboard for women within maritime. Keynote speakers included Mr Kitack Lim, Secretary-General of the IMO; Mrs. Sanjam Gupta, Founder, Maritime SheEO; Mrs. Despina Pan. Theodosiou, President, WISTA International, and Mrs Fabiana Martins, WISTA International Executive. Dr Momoko Kitada of World Maritime University moderated the discussions.


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The leading maritime technology integrator and provider, Tototheo Maritime has been appointed as official distributor and service partner for Danelec in Greece. Having successfully represented the Danelec brand for several years through its headquarters in Cyprus, Tototheo will now continue to do so also through its well established office in Piraeus.

Danelec is well known in the industry for designing, developing and manufacturing products which are solid, safe and simple, but also for being a forward thinker. Tototheo is a long term partner of Danelec, providing Danelec products and services through its experienced and certified engineers. The two companies work closely also in the area of onboard data collection and management.

“Our team in Piraeus is fully prepared to handle Danelec product inquiries, service requests and support of Danelec products”, said Thanasis Lekkas, Head of Service at Tototheo Maritime. “In our premises we keep stock of essential products readily available for immediate delivery and installation by our certified engineers. In addition, we can offer hands-on training as well as pre and after sales support to our customers”, he concluded.

Tototheo and Danelec share a vision of a connected maritime ecosystem with people at its heart and data enabling it. Whether we consider crew welfare, compliance, efficiency, optimization or sustainability, the rapidly changing environment dictates quick, precise and well-informed decisions based on correct and timely information streams. The integration of DanelecConnect  with Tototheo’s solution portfolio is a dynamic approach to the digitalization needs of our industry.

Christian Kock, Chief Commercial Officer at Danelec Marine said: “At Danelec we carefully select our partners, cooperating with organisations who have the same values as us, who are agile and look to the future with optimism and transparency. We have built a relationship of mutual trust with Tototheo and we are confident this partnership will grow even more.”

About Tototheo

Tototheo Maritime specializes in innovative, efficient and functional solutions in the fields of digitalization, satellite and radio communication, automation and navigation systems. Headquartered in Cyprus and we have our own office in Greece and partner offices in Dubai and Singapore. Our vast experience in the maritime sector provides us with the unique advantage of in depth understanding of our customers’ needs combined with our dynamic approach towards innovative technologies, thus allowing our clients to generate more value out of their daily operations.

Tototheo Maritime operates in a connected dynamic and sustainable maritime sector, supported by reliable and efficient connectivity and innovative technologies – all underpinned by the Tototheo values. We conduct our business with honesty and transparency, offering equal terms of treatment without prejudice. Our team’s foremost goal is to listen and confidently trek into the future while keeping a firm link to the present.

About Danelec

Danelec simplifies data capture for ship owners, enabling them to future-proof their fleet and compete effectively in tomorrow’s data-dependent, net zero economy. The company develops technologies to optimize safety, cost and performance of marine operations as a leading manufacturer of Voyage Data Recorders (VDR) and provider of IoT infrastructure and ship performance monitoring solutions, with products installed on more than 10,000 vessels worldwide. Danelec is committed to providing the most effective products and services that help customers meet changing regulations and to operate more efficiently through the application of data collected on board and accessed in the cloud.

Danelec has developed a unique SoftWare Advanced Protection (SWAP) technology to save time and money, while eliminating in-port delays. With the SWAP technology, all system software and configuration, as well as programming data, is automatically saved on a hot-swappable memory card that can easily be removed from the old unit and inserted into the new one. Relocating the repair from ship to shore saves hours of time in re-installing software and re-programming the unit.

With offices in Denmark, Greece, Germany, Poland, Singapore. South Korea and China as well as over 600 factory-trained personnel in more than 50 countries worldwide, Danelec has a truly global presence ensuring reliable, cost-efficient and fast service and support to our customers anywhere.

NAMEPA Upgrades CSR/ESG Maritime Sustainability Passport Program The ACTion Group Receives First Certification in Enhanced Program

March 30, 2022--   The ACTion Group is the first company to certify under NAMEPA’s (North American Marine Environment Protection Association) upgraded CSR/ESG Maritime Sustainability Passport (MSP) Program, announced Carleen Lyden Walker, NAMEPA’s Co-Founder and Executive Directory.  The regulatory compliance consulting firm, which helps organizations achieve operational excellence, received its MSP by achieving a 60% score or better in NAMEPA’s enhanced program.

“We congratulate the ACTion Group for attaining NAMEPA’s upgraded Maritime Sustainability Passport,” stated Ms. Walker.  “They are an excellent example to their clients, and the industry, of the importance of examining internal operations to ensure they match the expectations of regulators, customers and society at large.”

“’Understanding’ is the ACTion group’s 2022 focus word that encapsulates what the organization is intentional about every day throughout the year. That focus on understanding led the ACTion group to becoming a member of NAMEPA and earning the CSR/ESG Maritime Sustainability Passport” reflected Chris Kern, Compliance Manager for the ACTion Group.   “Focusing on our internal operations and developing procedures that promote sustainable strategies has improved our commitment to protecting the marine environment. We feel that earning the CSR/ESG Maritime Sustainability Passport has strengthen our capabilities and will help us provide improved ESG strategies to our customers. We are very proud to receive this recognition. The ACTion group looks forward to our continued partnership with NAMEPA and a greater understanding of sustainable solutions for the future of the maritime community.”

“NAMEPA has successfully run its CSR/ESG MSP Program for the past two years and remains the only Sustainability credential designed specifically for the maritime industry across all metrics (Environmental, Social and Governance)” stated Walker.  “We have upgraded the program to include an outside expert, ESGplus LLC, to assess the company submissions to the program to ensure the rigor and the credibility of our Maritime Sustainability Passport.  Further, we have enhanced elements of the Six Transparency Pillars, including expanding social and governance expectations such as mariner welfare and DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.”

The ACTion Group was awarded the MSP by completing all phases of the program, including supplying supporting documentation for its claims. ESGplus LLC evaluated their submission to determine whether they meet the CSR/ESG program’s criteria, which, upon approval, made them eligible to receive the MSP Certificate and Seal. The ACTion Group is the sixth company to successfully pass the CSR/ESG program. The goal of NAMEPA’s CSR/ESG program is to evaluate an entity’s corporate and governance, the environment, and the human element activities. The program provides resources to the maritime industry as a whole and to specific companies and individuals who strive to engage in industry best practices and play a role in creating a sustainable global environment, society, and economy. Its Six Transparency Pillars are used as a basis in which to assess the sustainable practices of an organization, company, or business.

The MSP Seal is used to signify the participant met or exceeded the program’s benchmarks, which offer basic guidelines for the maritime industry along with a Tool Kit to help achieve them and develop best practices using CSR/ESG principles. Some of the program’s benefits include increased efficiency, stakeholder visibility and positive global impact and social license. NAMEPA’s CSR/ESG program was awarded the 2021 Green4Sea Initiative Award. The Green4Sea award is given to an organization that has sparked, realized or significantly contributed with a specific initiative towards greener shipping. NAMEPA is extremely proud of its contribution to the maritime industry with its CSR/ESG program being the first known standards program specifically structured for the Maritime Industry.

To learn more about NAMEPA’s CSR/ESG Program, visit NAMEPA’s CSR/ESG Maritime Sustainability Program – NAMEPA or email with any relevant questions. The program is offered to NAMEPA members at no cost to qualify for the Maritime Sustainability Passport and receive the MSP seal. Non-members are welcome to apply to participate at a cost of $3000 or become NAMEPA members and have the fee waived. To protect the proprietary information of the qualifying companies, NAMEPA offers a non-disclosure agreement.


The North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA) is a marine industry-led organization of environmental stewards preserving the marine environment by promoting sustainable marine industry best practices and educating seafarers, students and the public about the need and strategies for protecting global ocean, lake and river resources. Visit us at: 

About ESGplus LLC

At ESGplus we feel privileged to partner with NAMEPA in assisting with the CSR/ESG program and helping Maritime related companies on their ESG journey.

 ESGplus LLC is committed to enhancing corporate governance, managing commercial & operational risk, and social & environmental compliance for our clients. We work hard to ensure best practices are in action to make the client’s maritime supply chain safer and more resilient while adding to social license and social equity.

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NAMEPA’s Safety at Sea Event Addresses Maritime Risks in Turbulent Times USCG’s AMVER and Benkert Awards to Industry A Key Additional Element

WASHINGTON, DC, March 21 - NAMEPA (North American Marine Environment Protection Association) announced that it will be holding its annual Safety at Sea Seminar as an in-person event at The National Press Club in Washington DC, on Thursday, May 19th beginning at 1:30EDT.  This annual event will be augmented by the presentation of the United States Coast Guard’s AMVER and Benkert Awards presentation to shipowners.

Not since the end of World War II has the role of shipping in geopolitics been so critical with its attendant human, environmental, and corporate risks. Join industry colleagues to participate in the discussion of “Safety at Sea” in these turbulent times. NAMEPA’s event will explore the role of shipping during periods of global disturbance with an eye on impacts to mariners, ships and global trade while examining emerging and future threats to “normal” maritime operations.   A keynote presentation will be made by RDML John Mauger, Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy on the USCG’s safety concerns.

The afternoon event will be followed by the presentation of the USCG’s prestigious Benkert Awards for environmental excellence and AMVER Awards recognizing industry participation for voluntary rescue at sea. Senior leadership from the USCG will be making the presentation, with nearly 550 vessels being recognized.

For more information, or to register, please go to  NAMEPA Safety at Sea Seminar .

Sponsors of the event to date include ABS, The American Club, Blank Rome, Dorian, Fairfield Chemical Carriers, HudsonAnalytix, and Scorpio.

The North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA) is a marine industry-led organization of environmental stewards preserving the marine environment by promoting sustainable marine industry best practices and educating seafarers, students and the public about the need and strategies for protecting global ocean, lake and river resources. Visit us at:

COPE° forms Working Group on Psychological Safety and Sexual Assault and Harassment in the Maritime Sector

Fairhaven, MA- The Center for Ocean Policy and Economics (COPE°) has announced the formation of an informal Working Group to develop projects designed to provide solutions to build on an international framework which supports a psychologically safe workplace culture for mariners.  It is universally recognized this will have a positive effect on operational safety and security on board ships. Psychological safety is essential to the successful integration of vulnerable and marginalized groups in support of diversity, equality, equity, and inclusion.

The working group will support the work outlined in document MSC105/16/4 of the IMO Maritime Safety Committee as proposed by Dominica, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, InterManager, IIMA, ICHCA International, IFSMA, and AMPP.  The submission presents suggestions to amend IMO Model Course 1.21 – Personal Safety and Social Responsibility, which will be discussed by the Maritime Safety Committee in May 2022.  Its intention is to develop and deliver relevant actions and impactful solutions, using the UN framework to do the work and connect the industry to objectives.

“It is critical that the IMO quickly develop and implement guidance for programs which address the psychological welfare and safety of today’s mariner, as well as establish guidelines on sexual assault and harassment in the maritime workplace” stated Eva Lianne Veldkamp, IMO Policy Coordinator for the Commonwealth of Dominica Maritime Registry who is leading this effort.  “While a lot of talk has been created surrounding these issues, there have not been many policy changes or meaningful actions taken towards supporting Psychological Safety and SASH in maritime. This working group is a great opportunity to translate talk into action.”

The working group welcomes committed maritime government, non-government, corporate, education, science and technology experts and partners to collaborate on developing and delivering relevant actions and impactful solutions to join in their work. Initially, they will be reviewing and suggesting amendments to existing IMO model course 1.21 – PSSR based on the proposals identified in document MSC105/16/4, submitted to IMO Maritime Safety Committee. They will also be evaluating training options, as well as harmonizing best practices and guidance documents amongst United Nations bodies (IMO and ILO); NGO diversity manuals such as ICS, WISTA, ISWAN, BIMCO, INTERTANKO, INTERCARGO and the World Shipping Council as well as industry resources and studies.

It is anticipated that future work of the group will include:

  • Turning guidelines into education.
  • Amending and expanding existing training on safe working practices, effective communications on board ship and effective human relationships on board ships to include elements of psychological safety and dealing with trauma and trauma response.
  • Investigating a uniform mechanism for reporting incidents of assault, harassment, bullying, etc.
  • Focusing on the responsibility of companies, governments, and authorities.
  • Obtaining USCG approvals and meeting ISO standards.

Organizations and individuals who would like to join the working group are encouraged to reach out to Ms. Eva Lianne Veldkamp at

About Northeast Maritime Institute

Northeast Maritime Institute (also called NMI) is a privatecoeducational, maritime college offering an Associate in Applied Science in Nautical Science degree. Established in 1981, Northeast Maritime Institute is the only private maritime college in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  The college was originally established to provide an alternative to traditional education and training, with an emphasis on preparing mariners for employment. Graduates receive an Associate degree and are eligible to receive a United States Coast Guard Masters license upon graduation.  Northeast Maritime Institute has trained over 70,000 mariners since 1995. Northeast Maritime Institute currently is the primary maritime education and training (MET) provider for the Commonwealth of Dominica Maritime Administration as the National MET provider.

Northeast Maritime Online –NEMO° currently provides the only true compliance program of theory, practical exercises, practical assessments and monitored examinations via one online system. NEMO° is fast becoming the global standard for Online STCW Training and Certification, as it currently offers all STCW courses online.

About COPE

The Center for Ocean Policy and Economics (COPE) is hosted by the Northeast Maritime Institute – College of Maritime Science: Created to tackle some of the ocean’s “wicked problems.” A culmination of years of extensive research and conversations with leading experts in the maritime and ocean related fields, COPE is a facilitator for cogent maritime and ocean policy and economic development project initiatives linking academic, corporate, non-governmental, and governmental partners to create impactful solutions.  Additional information can be found at  COPE.

Please contact Carleen Lyden Walker, or +203 260 0480 with questions.