The model rules are divided into the following sections:


1. The name of the Club shall be 'International Maritime Club' (hereinafter referred as IMC).

2. The objective for which the club is formed is to promote and facilitate the interaction among marine and maritime institutions, marine corporate entities, maritime government agencies and statutory bodies. The purpose of the club is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and information about maritime activities and to act as a source for all maritime information.


1. Membership to IMC is free and by invitation only


1. The Office bearers of the club shall be the Chairperson/Representative of any permanent or associate members of IMC and shall consist of a President, a Vice President, a General Secretary, a Joint Secretary and an Honorary Treasurer. Office bearers shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting each year and shall hold office for one year, retiring at the termination of the Annual General Meeting in each year. All Office bearers of the Club shall be eligible for re-election but not continuously for more than 2 years on the same post. No member can hold more than one post at a time

2. Duties of President (and or the Vice president):

  • To set the agenda and to chair the Committee meetings;
  • Monitor committee and association activities
  • To take the final decision on various matters, in which the committee fails to take an unanimous decision, but to the satisfaction of the majority in the committee;
  • To represent International Maritime Club on various maritime affairs;
  • To set targets for the development of International Maritime Club.
  • Select an attorney, an auditor, insurance agent and other professionals for the association

3. Duties of General Secretary ( and or the Joint Secretary):

  • Keep a register of club members' names and addresses;
  • Conduct the correspondence of the club;
  • Keep custody of all club documents;
  • Keep full minutes of all meetings of the club;
  • Administer policy or policies as needed to protect the interests of the club, its Office bearers and its members
  • Maintain certificates or registrations, and complete non-financial returns, as required by law.

4. Duties of Honorary Treasurer:

  • Keep books of account as necessary and give a true and fair view of the state of finances of the club;
  • Keep all returns as required by law in relation to accounts to be rendered at the due time;
  • Prepare an Annual Balance Sheet as on 31.03 in each year. Balance sheet (and accounts as necessary) to be audited at least once annually and shall thereafter cause the same to be mailed to the members at least fourteen days before the date of the Annual General Meeting.

5. Duties of Honorary Auditors

  • Auditors will be appointed at the Annual General Meeting each year appropriately;
  • The Auditors shall audit the accounts (and Annual Balance Sheet) of the club when called upon to do so and shall give such certificate of assurance as to the accuracy of the said accounts as required by law or by the Committee;
  • If either is unwilling or unable to act, they shall inform the Committee to appoint a substitute to hold office until the termination of the next Annual General Meeting.

Membership & Subscription

  • Membership is free and by invitation. Any organization / body / individual desirous of becoming a member may submit a written request to IMC through the chairperson of their corresponding organization. IMC shall invite the organization / body / individual to become a member based on the credentials submitted to it. The nature of membership offered shall be determined by the management committee. The invitation shall be in the nature of an application.
  • An application for membership shall include the name, address, designation, mail ID and nature of the organization.
  • Every member shall furnish the General Secretary with the up-to-date address which shall be recorded in the register of members and any notice sent to such address as shall be deemed to have been duly delivered.
  • The Management Committee may refuse applications only for good cause such as conduct or character likely to bring IMC into disrepute. The General Secretary shall inform each organization/ individual in writing of the candidate's selection or non-selection. He shall furnish a selected member with a copy of the Constitution and Byelaws of the club.
  • Every member, upon selection and thereafter, is deemed to have notice of, and impliedly undertakes to comply with, the Club Rules and the current Byelaws and Regulations of the club. Any refusal or neglect to do so, or any conduct which, in the opinion of the Management Committee, is either unworthy of a member or otherwise injurious to the interests of the club, shall render a member liable to expulsion by the Committee.


Constitution of Working Committee:

The Working Committee herein sometimes referred to as The Committee shall consist of the Founding President and his associates who shall continue in the post for 2 years or till IMC reaches the set target of 365 members.

Powers to make Byelaws and Regulations:

The Committee shall make such Byelaws and Regulations as it shall from time to time think fit and shall arrange the same to be published and mailed to the members of the club within a month before the date of implementation.

Appointment of Subcommittees:

The Committee may appoint such sub-committees as it may deem necessary and may delegate powers as it may think fit upon such terms and conditions as shall be deemed expedient and/or required by the law. Sub-committees shall consist of members of the Committee or of IMC as the Committees may think fit. Officer Bearers of IMC shall be ex-officio members of such subcommittees.

Limitation of Member's liability:

The Committee, or any person or sub-committee delegated by the Committee to act as agent for the club or its members, shall enter into contract only as far as expressly authorized, or authorized by implication, by the members.

Member's indemnification of Committee:

In pursuance of the authority vested in the Committee by members of the club, members of the Committee are entitled to be indemnified by the members of the club against any liabilities properly incurred by them or any one of them on behalf of the club wherever the contract is of a duly authorized nature or could be assumed to be of a duly authorized nature and entered into on behalf of the club

Nomination of Honorary Members by Committee:

The Committee may nominate Honorary Members during Annual General Meetings or as the Committee may think fit. The total of such honorary members shall not, however, at any time, exceed 10.


Annual General Meeting:

An Annual General Meeting of the club shall be held each year in the month on a date to be fixed by the Committee. The General Secretary shall inform the members at least three months before the date of such meeting via post or deliver to each member notice hereof and of the business to be brought forward thereat.

Business at Annual General Meeting:

No business, except the passing of the Accounts and the election of the Officers, Committee, and Honorary Auditors, and any business that the Committee may order to be inserted in the notice convening the meeting shall be discussed unless notice thereof be given in writing by a member to the General Secretary at least 30 days before the date of the Annual General Meeting.

Extraordinary General Meeting:

The Committee may at any time, upon giving thirty days notice in writing, call an extra ordinary General Meeting of the club for any special business, the nature of which shall be stated in the summons convening the meeting, and the discussion at such meeting shall be confined to the business stated in the notice sent to members.

General Meeting upon request of members:

The Committee shall similarly call a General Meeting upon a written request addressed to the General Secretary by at least 5% of members. The discussion at such meeting shall be confined to the business stated in the notice sent to members.

Chairing at the Meetings:

At every meeting of the club the President, or in his absence, the Vice President shall preside. In the absence of both of them the General Secretary shall preside. In the absence of all the three a Chairman elected by those present shall preside.